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THE Hiker’s Essential Kit List – The Wild Camping Bag

This blog covers everything you need in The Wild Camping Bag. I never do without on an expedition and I'm very comfortable throughout the night.

In my last blog in this series, The Hiker’s Essential Kit List – The Day Bag, we looked at the essential kit you should be taking out on a day trip, whether it be a 20 mile walk around Ullswater or a couple of miles around Hollingworth Lake.

Now we’re going to get serious and look at the gear you need with you to survive the night on a wild camping expedition. When I’m heading out into the wild with my tent or bivvy I look at this photo to check that each item is in my pack. If it is, I know 100% that I am not going without. I NEVER think, lying under my shelter, ‘Sh!t I forgot to bring…!’. It just doesn’t happen.

So here it is, EVERYTHING I took up Haystacks to camp right by Innominate Tarn at -1c.

The Wild Camping BagThe Wild Camping Bag
The Wild Camping Bag

Wild Camping Kit List

  • MLD Exodus Pack
  • Map
  • Silva Expedition 4 Compass
  • Casio Pro Trek watch
  • Petzl Actik head torch, Petzyl case and spare batteries
  • Petzl e+LITE Headlamp
  • Walking The Wild beany (essential)
  • Berghaus Sprectrum gloves
  • Kestrel wind meter/thermometer
  • Sawyer water filter and pouch
  • Berghaus waterproof trousers
  • Lifesystems emergency shelter
  • Anker 20100 Power Bank & charger cable (not in photo)
  • Lifesystems Mountain First Aid Kit – plus bits detailed in my last post.
  • Foil foam sleeping mat
  • Thermarest Neoair Xtherm Matress
  • Green ‘food’ dry bag
  • Thermarest pump
  • Alpkit SkyeHigh 700 sleeping bag – Read my sleeping bag blog?
  • Stormin stove
  • Fuel bottle
  • Clipper lighter
  • Towel
  • Pee tub, yes you read it right
  • Pajama’s
  • Alpkit bivvy
  • RAB sleeping bag liner
  • DD 3×3 Superlite tarp
  • Thermarest pillow
  • Easton titanium stakes
  • Shovel

I’ve spent years getting the weight down and the size small. There may be a few things I would change next year say but I’d be being very picky. I sometimes don’t take the pillow at all on a nice dry day, I’ll roll up my jacket or something.

I’ve just had a few conversations about some ‘Two Day Expeditions’ coming up. I’ve sent them this photo and they’ll be reading this blog and the kit list. This will be exactly what I will take and what I will check their bags off against.

Let’s see, what might change over the year. I you wanted to sleep in a tent you would remove the tarp and bivvy. If you used a Jetboil it would replace the stove and pot, you should still carry a lighter but the fuel would be swapped out with the gas canister.

The Trailstar tarp with Easton stakes, see how I’ve utilised one here.The Trailstar tarp with Easton stakes, see how I’ve utilised one here.
The Trailstar tarp with Easton stakes, see how I’ve utilised one here.

I think the Easton stakes are the best I’ve used on any terrain. I’ll use them when I camp on Scafell Pike and Great Gable in the Summer! My clients won’t need to take the wind meter or the shovel, don’t need two. The ladies unfortunately won’t have much use for the ‘pee tub’!

Clients also won’t need to take the Sawyer Water Filter (although I will advise them to get one, I sell them for less than the supplier does on Amazon). I can filter all the water we drink, straight from the beck.

Please let me know if you would change anything or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Happy hiking.

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