Learning navigation skills and how to read a map properly will not only mean you can go out on an adventure more often, like in bad weather or at night, but your experiences in the wild outdoors will become more interesting and much more fun.

If all you ever want to do is walk in good weather you are living in the wrong country! The Lake District seems to have it’s own weather system and can be unpredictable, the Peak District can be murky most of the time and don’t get me started on Scotland! It’s like cloud and bad weather is hiding round the corner waiting for you. Instead of being afraid of fog, mist, cloud, rain, sleet and snow, why not just embrace it all, learn how to navigate, buy a good coat and have the time of your life? Now you can venture out into the wild in bad weather or even at night!

What you’ll learn on my Navigation Workshop

Navigation isn’t just about getting yourself to safety when bad weather comes in, it’s about having fun planning your routes in the first place, being able to adapt and even plan for change, making your route more interesting and then not having to focus so much on all of that when you’re out in the mountains with your family and friends.

A day isn’t a long time to teach all of this stuff so I’ll try to get all of the basics through during the morning. You’ll learn how to use an Ordnance Survey map as a visual representation of the world around you and how to read symbols on it to recognise features on the ground. After lunch we’ll look at the compass and how it can help you cross featureless terrain. Then it’s up to you to get us to the summit and back down to the village. You’ll work out a plan for this yourself and everything will slot into place. I’ll show you how to use what you’ve learned without having to hold your map and compass in your hand all the time.

Here’s a brief syllabus:

  • ​Map scales & symbols
  • Grid references
  • Open access and ‘where you’re allowed’
  • Measuring distance – pacing & timing
  • The compass & taking a bearing
  • Hand rails, catching features, attack points & aiming off
  • Understanding contour lines
  • Naithsmith’s Rule

Oh, and I will provide the map for the day AND a pint or brew at the end so you get chance to ask as many questions as you need to.

So come out with me for a day or a weekend and turn your walks into adventures!