Mountain Days | Navigation

What do I need for navigation in the mountains?

Navigating in the mountains, you’ll only need a few basic tools. Mostly, you’ll need the skill. This skill can be learned.

You can learn all of the skills necessary to navigate around the mountains on our Navigation & Map Reading Masterclass.

To attend one of our workshops you will need…

  • A compass – I recommend the Silva Expedition 4-360
  • A map (if it’s raining your map won’t last 5 minutes – bring a case or a waterproof map)

That’s obvious isn’t it?

BUT, you would be strongly advised to also take with you…

  • Comfortable waterproof boots
  • Gaiters (we’ll spend lots of time off the beaten track)
  • Waterproofs (it rains in England quite unpredictably)
  • Water and food*

*We like to be well prepared. Doing this, we reduce the likelihood of any harm coming to any of the group. I always carry a good first aid kit and a small group shelter. Please be well prepared also, bring more than enough water and calories for the trip.

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