The Mountain Leader Academy

After your Mountain Leader Training you’ll be left to fend for yourself until assessment. As the MTA say, ‘the onus is on you’.

Not anymore!

Join us for a taylor made route right through your Mountain Leader Award.

Mountain Leader Academy Scotland Expedition 2018
Mountain Leader Academy Scotland Expedition 2018

Mountain Leader Training Preparation

You need to have completed 20 ‘Quality Mountain Days’ to do your training in mountainous areas of the Britain. We’ll prepare you for that, guide and help you gain the experience.

We’ll get you to Silver NNAS Award in Navigation before your training even begins so you’ll be able to focus on other things you may not have done previously.

Mountain Leader Assessment Preparation

After training you’ll start phase 2, gaining experience. With me you’ll have the opportunity to assist on a Navigation Workshop every month and work up to leading the group.

Looking out over Keswick
Looking out over Keswick

You’ll also gain experience coming on a lead wild camp event that I run every month called Only The Brave and be given opportunities to present, teach and lead the group in activities.

You don’t just get me…

John Beamson runs Robustours, an events company focusing on mindset and accountability. We teamed up to create the Mountain Leader Academy a couple of years ago. With John you’ll get loads of chances to assist on larger group walks, long distance (you’ll definitely be fit by the time you do your assessment). John also does things a little differently, like taking groups over Sharp Edge at midnight!

Throughout the year we organise events with other leaders for you to learn new skills like geology, scrambling up to grade 3 and abseiling.

You are now part of a group of trainees who have access to training the whole year round and advice whenever you need it.

You’ll gain your Gold NNAS Award in Navigation and when you’re ready you’ll do your assessment with an approved provider.

With the Mountain Leader Academy membership, you have 12 months access to ALL of the following:

  • Monthly Navigation/Night Navigation Workshops – attend, assist or lead.
  • Group adventures – assist, plan or lead.
  • Silver NNAS Award in Navigation.
  • Reccies – help plan upcoming walks and expeditions.
  • Wild camps – come along and learn or assist on monthly events.
  • An accountability phone call every week – don’t take this lightly.

You’ll also be part of a messenger group with advice whenever you need it from fellow members and mentors.

Our goal of course is to get you amazing in all of the MTA ML syllabus areas and help prepare you for your Mountain Leader Assessment:

  • Group management
  • Navigation
  • Access and the environment
  • Hazards (including steep ground and rivers) and emergency procedures
  • Equipment
  • Expedition skills
  • Weather
  • Background knowledge

We will do this AND MORE…

We will also give advice on running a business, getting work, using social media, setting up a website, we might even offer you a job when you qualify!

Price £500

Run by two experienced Mountain Leaders who run their own hiking events companies.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mountain Leader Training and Mountain Leader Assessment are not included in our ‘course’, the cost of these is self funded.