Escape The Lake District

Can you or your team navigate your way across the Lake District in 24 hours? How can you cover The Escape Game’s 50+ miles around mountainous landscape? Are you cunning enough to find and use the resources available to you to solve puzzles and challenges given to you? How about with a Hunter Force tracking you down?

The Escape Game

This is an ultimate test of skill, fitness, navigation, teamwork and gift of the gab. You will also need to visit iconic Lake District landmarks and experience their glory. You can work solo or in a team.

Escape Who's On YOUR Team
Escape Who’s On YOUR Team

Aim Of The Game

Your mission is to Escape the Lake District in 24 hours following clues, hints and tips to your next RV point with The Hunter Force hot on your heels.

Escape They're After You
Escape They’re After You

The Hunter Force

A group of ex-military personnel and mountaineers will be hot on your tracks, super motivated to track you down day and night – when you think you are not being watched, you are!

Rules Of The Escape Games

Once you start the event you against on the clock! You must use your skill set to get to each check point, using clues provided and any resources that are at your disposal.

You can use public transport. You can walk, you can run. You can drive, swim or fly. You can use phones and members of the public for help. You can sleep anywhere.

Escape The Lake District Route

You will meet the D/S for a briefing on Saturday morning and off you head, alone, into the mountains. * See below for start location. After picking up clues and overcoming challenges along the way, navigating the rest of the route is up to you.

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Kit list

A full list of essentials will be issued but The Hiker’s Essential kit List should be a good start.


FREE Escape Training will be provided a month before when we will introduce you to your public! Two days in the Lake District will cover navigation and mountain skills, survival and let’s say ‘local awareness’, as well as other stuff we’re just not telling you about yet.


£250.00 per person – Only £50 deposit is required when you book.


  • 1st place – Once in a Life Time epic prize goes to the winner or winning team
  • 2st place – Go Pro camera
  • 3rd place – Alpkit voucher worth £100
GoPro Black Hero 7
GoPro Black Hero 7

Get Ready To Escape The Lake District!

This event is like no other in the UK – it is tough, it is Robust like Wildfire. You will need to dig deep to win and stay ahead of The Hunter Force!